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Here you can find Our Sustainability Promise and certificates.

What is sustainability for us?

The word “sustainability” includes all kind of sustainability. For example, ecological sustainability means that our enterprise has values and acts that minimize our impact to the environment. Social sustainability means equality and fairness. Many issues, like favoring the domestic products, are both ecological and social, and there is no need to label or draw strict lines between sustainability acts. Also cultural and financial longevity as well as the quality and safety of the services are parts of our sustainability.

Please contact us if you have anything to ask about our sustainability politics.

Our Sustainability Promise 

  1. You are welcome just the way you are! We don’t tolerate any kind of discrimination. 
  2. We are aware of the environmental impacts of our actions. We have been awarded the Ecocompass-certificate.
  3. We want to share the good things. We make every year a donation to charity and also a part of the profits of our team building services goes to charity*.
  4. We support our personnel, we encourage and do together. Our aim is that everyone has possibility to work with their own passions and use their own talents and skills.
  5. We are developing ourselves in the field of sustainability. Go Arctic is part of the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program, and we are continuously monitoring our sustainability acts. 

*We donate 0,5 €/person from White water rafting and white water swimming to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, from the Team Paths to Mieli Mental Health Finland and from the Amazing Oulu-city adventures to the Finnish Red Cross.






We have Welcome cyclist -sign in Café Koitelin Tunnelmatupa and in Café-restaurant Liminganlahti.